Boston Parking…the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

At this time of year, we typically get a lot of questions about parking in Boston and how wintry weather will impact a city that is already a little tricky for visitors with cars. Okay, so let’s break it down a little…according to the city of Boston’s official website, there are approximately 7300 electronic parking meters offering two hours of on-street parking in Boston. Sounds like a lot, but those of us who like to pop into the city for dinner or a little Boston shopping know that it can be challenging to find somewhere inexpensive to park…inexpensive is the operative word here, because there are certainly plenty of lots and garages around if you don’t mind paying the rates. This past Saturday night, I went into the Back Bay around 6pm to visit my brother on Marlborough Street, and it took us around 15 minutes to find a meter about 3 blocks away. Not bad, right? Regardless, my advice is always this: If you don’t absolutely need your car, then by all means, leave it at home. Boston has a wonderful public transportation system and is an extremely walkable city. And the reality is that you probably won’t be able to park right by your destination unless you get lucky and find a meter or are willing to shell out a chunk of change for a garage. That being said, there are plenty of insider tips out there on websites like, where one blogger shares, “There is lot’s of free parking to be had in Boston. You just have to know where to look. I have lived in Boston for years and have never payed to put my car in a garage. Good areas to find spaces are Charles Street between the Public Garden and Boston Common, Newbury Street and Boylston Street in the Back Bay (and any of the side streets that run between Newbury and Boylston),Harrison Avenue in Chinatown, and most of the side streets in and around Post Office Square.
NEVER park ANYWHERE you may see a Resident Parking sign…” At this time of year, be sure to check out the city of Boston website we mentioned earlier to learn how snow emergencies impact parking….there are many more rules during big snow storms and the risk of being ticketed is that much higher. All that said, if you’re coming to Boston and you and your car are a package deal, here are a few popular hotels in Boston that offer parking: Abigayle’s B&B (M263); CL’s South End Bed and Breakfast (M363) ; The Hilltop B&B (M611) and Cambridge Accommodations (M857).

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