Visit Boston as a Local Tourist

Part I of II

Newbury Street, Boston

This past Saturday, my husband and I decided to celebrate our anniversary by visiting Boston as tourists. So we strapped on our backpacks and took a delightful 40-minute boat ride into town on the Salem Ferry. Boston is definitely a walking city and I highly recommend leaving the car at home or skipping the rental if you are staying in the city.

First stop off the ferry—The Landing Bar. Given that the temperature in the city was pushing 90 °F, a frozen Mango Margarita was just the thing to cool us down and prepare us for our two mile hike to the Back Bay. We wanted to spend a day in our city as if we had never visited here before so we chose to walk from one end to the other.

A short walk to City Hall Plaza brought an unexpected treat. We found ourselves in the middle of the 1st Annual African Festival, hosted by the Shalupe Foundation. Music, dance, food, and lots of color transcended us into another world. (More on the festival in part II.)

Boston Swan Boats

We continued our walk down Tremont Street, past the historic cemeteries and landmark buildings, stopped for contemporary ice-cold refreshment at Starbucks, then off through the gates of the Boston Commons and the Public Gardens to visit the swan boats. My husband had never experienced the swan boats so we enjoyed a romantic ride along the pond. Next, onto Newbury Street, with its plethora of sidewalk cafes and shops, it’s always a sensory experience.

Time to eat again? We headed to Uni at the Eliot Hotel for some of the best sashimi I’ve ever had. If budget isn’t a major concern I would highly recommend it, as it is quite pricey. Our chef, Christopher, tickled our palates with the most amazing array of fresh fish and sauces (not the standard picked ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce) and a delightful Riesling to compliment the taste. We couldn’t resist heading back to Newbury Street for an ice cream sundae at an old time favorite, Emack & Bolios. Yum!  Finally, we stopped in at Crossroads, a local Irish pub for a cold Guinness and to take in the Red Sox game.

On the walk back to the pier the next day we ran into some friends heading to the swan boats with their children. Just goes to show how small a city can truly be. Over Beacon Hill we stopped to enjoy the amazing architecture of a bygone era, with beautiful brownstone townhouses and quaint gardens tucked in between, and through the North End for Boston’s rich Italian heritage…not to mention more amazing food.

Now it’s your turn. Head to Boston, whether you are a local or a tourist, and experience all the rich history and culinary experiences this spectacular city has to offer.

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