Haunted Bed and Breakfasts Spooktacular

Haunted hospitality? Close encounters over coffee? Does it get any better than that?? We’ve all heard the stories (and having seen a few episodes of that new show, Paranormal State, on A&E, this blogger is even more of a believer!) about shadowy figures passing through a room, unexplained energy and orbs, and strange movements in the night. For whatever reason, and perhaps it’s merely because so many B&B’s are friendly and welcoming and located in older homes rife with history, there do seem to be an awful lot of urban legends about ghosts stirring around getting acquainted with guests. We hear that some travelers stay exclusively at Boston bed and breakfasts and historic inns where ghostly enounters are more likely to occur! If you’re one of those adventure seekers, and you’re coming to stay in a Massachusetts bed and breakfast, you’re in luck. You can crash in the home where the ax-wielding Lizzie Borden “took care” of her mother, join the ranks who have heard a bump in the night in quaint Concord (ask us for details on that one!), or brush up on your Civil War knowledge (ghoul-style) at our own popular Copper Beech Haunted Bed and Breakfast. This historic home once served as a safe house in the Underground Railroad, and a kind and helpful slave who died in one of the rooms has been known to come back to the place she was hidden to provide guidance for those struggling through difficult times. Visit if you dare!

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