College hunting is upon us!

This is the time of year when the city is flooded with people coming in to check out Boston schools, from which there are many fabulous ones to choose! College Boston is an event unto itself, so for those of you with teens searching for Boston area colleges, or even perspective graduate students, we have a few tips for the approach you might want to take this Spring. Check out this great blog,, for a quick overview of what to see and how to go about it. There’s also a website specifically designed to help with these visits, so visit and click through to colleges and universities Boston. We are even offering a special promotion to help keep Boston lodging costs down because after all, a Boston education will be an investment unto itself…you may as well save money NOW when you’re visiting one of our great schools. And on that note, many of our properties welcome the same Boston area college families back year after year. It is typical to see parents stay at Abigayle’s Bed & Breakfast (M263) in Kenmore square with their junior in high school visiting Boston University, then as a couple during subsequent visits for the next four years for Parent’s Weekend, Graduation, etc. Our hosts are so thrilled to welcome back these returning guests! Wellesley Lodging (IW504) is another great example. This gracious hostess is a favorite among visitors to Wellesley College and Babson College. She never disappoints with her friendly and gracious hospitality, comfortable accommodations, and incredible proximity to these prestigious schools. So, if you’re planning to do some college hunting in the near future, take advantage of what we’re offering over the next couple of months. Families traveling to the Boston area will get a discounted rate at one of our Bed and Breakfasts, or furnished apartments, when visiting the Boston schools. Reserve nights for March 14 through April 30 (blackout dates: April 16-19), and CHILDREN (even teens!) CAN STAY FOR FREE! This is a huge savings! Check out our website for details. Happy hunting!

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