Chocolate: Here today …. Gone today!

January 29th, 2010

Okay, it’s cold outside, winter is starting to feel long, and yes, Valentine’s day is approaching. So, let’s talk about chocolate. Is there really any better mood lifter? If you’re going to be in the Boston area this weekend, this is one of the coolest Boston events taking place this Sunday, just outside the city in the Newton Boston area.

Death By Chocolate 2010
Date: Jan 31 2010
Event Fee: $15.00 per person
Location: Crown Plaza Newton
320 Washington St.
Newton, MA, 02458

Join The Rotary Clubs of Newton and Waltham for a fun day of eating and tasting chocolate!! Done as a perenial partnership between the Rotary Clubs of Newton and Waltham. There will be local food vendors, chefs, restaurants and caterers competing in 5 categories. Best Chocolate Cake, Best Cookie, Best Brownie, best candy and Best unique Desert. YOU BE THE JUDGE!!! During the event there will be a silent auction too!!

For more information, click on

My juices are flowing just thinking about this event, so if you call into our office to make a reservation, mention my blog, and say “I love chocolate!,” you’ll get 10% off your stay this weekend!

Need somewhere to stay in the Newton area? Check out our Western Suburb locations.

“A true chocolate lover finds ways to accommodate his passion and make it work with his lifestyle…” –Julie Davis of the Los Angeles Times, 10/30/85,


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Boston Parking…the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

January 18th, 2010

At this time of year, we typically get a lot of questions about parking in Boston and how wintry weather will impact a city that is already a little tricky for visitors with cars. Okay, so let’s break it down a little…according to the city of Boston’s official website, there are approximately 7300 electronic parking meters offering two hours of on-street parking in Boston. Sounds like a lot, but those of us who like to pop into the city for dinner or a little Boston shopping know that it can be challenging to find somewhere inexpensive to park…inexpensive is the operative word here, because there are certainly plenty of lots and garages around if you don’t mind paying the rates. This past Saturday night, I went into the Back Bay around 6pm to visit my brother on Marlborough Street, and it took us around 15 minutes to find a meter about 3 blocks away. Not bad, right? Regardless, my advice is always this: If you don’t absolutely need your car, then by all means, leave it at home. Boston has a wonderful public transportation system and is an extremely walkable city. And the reality is that you probably won’t be able to park right by your destination unless you get lucky and find a meter or are willing to shell out a chunk of change for a garage. That being said, there are plenty of insider tips out there on websites like, where one blogger shares, “There is lot’s of free parking to be had in Boston. You just have to know where to look. I have lived in Boston for years and have never payed to put my car in a garage. Good areas to find spaces are Charles Street between the Public Garden and Boston Common, Newbury Street and Boylston Street in the Back Bay (and any of the side streets that run between Newbury and Boylston),Harrison Avenue in Chinatown, and most of the side streets in and around Post Office Square.
NEVER park ANYWHERE you may see a Resident Parking sign…” At this time of year, be sure to check out the city of Boston website we mentioned earlier to learn how snow emergencies impact parking….there are many more rules during big snow storms and the risk of being ticketed is that much higher. All that said, if you’re coming to Boston and you and your car are a package deal, here are a few popular hotels in Boston that offer parking: Abigayle’s B&B (M263); CL’s South End Bed and Breakfast (M363) ; The Hilltop B&B (M611) and Cambridge Accommodations (M857).

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Boston Activities on a Snowy Saturday!

January 2nd, 2010

Okay, so while the snow sculptures may still be standing, First Night is packed up and put away, we’ve ushered 2010 in with style, and yes, we’re still pretty fired up about the Bruin’s overtime victory at Fenway Park! Today the city is being blanketed in a perfect snowfall, and you may be looking for things to do in Boston or Boston events on this first weekend of the 2010. Here is our idea of the day! Head over to the Frog Pond at the Boston Common for an afternoon of skating with the kids, and then warm up at tourist favorite, Cheers,, or at Starbucks on Charles Street. Need somewhere to stay this weekend? Abigayle’s Bed and Breakfast is a cozy retreat with a classic Boston feel.

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Theater in Boston…A Must See This Week!

December 22nd, 2009

Having had the opportunity to see Mamma Mia at the Colonial Theater Boston this past Saturday afternoon, I really must weigh in to say, if you’re coming to the area this week and have an interest in Boston theater, you must check it out! “A mother, A daughter, 3 possible fathers – and a walk down the aisle you’ll never forget! Now enjoying its 10th year on Broadway this smash hit musical brings the classic sounds of ABBA to life with this enchanting story.” We went to the matinee at 2pm and were back out on the bustling city streets by 4:45pm. Sadly, we had to head back to reality in the suburbs, but if you’re lucky enough to move on to dinner, there are oodles of Boston restaurants within a block’s radius, close to the Wang Boston and the Opera House Boston. I recommend PF Chang’s if you’re in the mood for Chinese, or Maggiano’s for amazing Italian (don’t miss the chopped salad!). And, if you need a place to stay, the following fab digs are open this week: A Little Paris on Beacon Hill (furnished apartment Boston) ; Booth’s Beacon Street Condo (Boston apartment); and Verona’s B&B (Boston bed and breakfast) , a particularly good deal at $99/night in December. Pull your plans together pronto — Mamma Mia moves on to New York on the 28th!

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TravelMole Online Community

April 28th, 2008

TravelMole, an online community for the travel and tourism industry, released a AAA report at the end of January stating that once gas prices reach $3.50 a gallon, consumers will start traveling closer to home. According to this AAA Travel Pulse report, more than one-third of AAA members indicate they would consider altering vacation plans to travel closer to home if the price of gasoline reaches $3.25 per gallon. Nineteen percent said they would consider altering their plans if gasoline reached $3.50, AAA says. AAA says 28% report they won’t change their vacation plans no matter how much gasoline costs. You can read the complete article online.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, for one thing, you may want to give some serious thought to visiting a Boston Massachusetts B&B this summer season. Why?

1) Boston is just 310 miles from Montreal, 216 miles from New York, and 440 miles from D.C. Although the price of gas per mile is staggering, driving these distances certainly beats paying airfare to get your family to a vacation destination.

2) The buck ends in Boston. The city is almost completely walkable, and ditching your car and relying on the user-friendly Boston subway system is not just practical, it’s advisable.

3) Boston area bed and breakfasts are typically less expensive than hotels, and you get more for your lodging dollars, with breakfast included and no taxes added to your room rates.

4)Boston has it all. Make the gas investment to get here, and you’ll marvel at the city’s museums, restaurants, historical sites, boating excursions, proximity to beaches (even subway accessible ones!), and so much more.

5) There’s a reason both Dave Loggins and Kenny Chesney sing “Please Come to Boston.”

We really wish you would.

Haunted Bed and Breakfasts Spooktacular

March 19th, 2008

Haunted hospitality? Close encounters over coffee? Does it get any better than that?? We’ve all heard the stories (and having seen a few episodes of that new show, Paranormal State, on A&E, this blogger is even more of a believer!) about shadowy figures passing through a room, unexplained energy and orbs, and strange movements in the night. For whatever reason, and perhaps it’s merely because so many B&B’s are friendly and welcoming and located in older homes rife with history, there do seem to be an awful lot of urban legends about ghosts stirring around getting acquainted with guests. We hear that some travelers stay exclusively at Boston bed and breakfasts and historic inns where ghostly enounters are more likely to occur! If you’re one of those adventure seekers, and you’re coming to stay in a Massachusetts bed and breakfast, you’re in luck. You can crash in the home where the ax-wielding Lizzie Borden “took care” of her mother, join the ranks who have heard a bump in the night in quaint Concord (ask us for details on that one!), or brush up on your Civil War knowledge (ghoul-style) at our own popular Copper Beech Haunted Bed and Breakfast. This historic home once served as a safe house in the Underground Railroad, and a kind and helpful slave who died in one of the rooms has been known to come back to the place she was hidden to provide guidance for those struggling through difficult times. Visit if you dare!

Going Green With Gusto

February 19th, 2008

This is the year of green, and Kermit has never been happier. The hospitality industry is doing their part in the saving of the earth by reducing, reusing and recycling materials. A TIA study showed that 25% of all leisure travelers prefer “green,” and we encourage all of our properties to be active participants in this trend. Updates will include notes in the bathroom to reuse towels to conserve energy, compact fluorescent and energy saving light bulbs, water reduction requests and low-flow toilets, cotton vs. synthetic linens or hypo-allergenic linens, air purifiers, real plants, and non-biodegradable chemicals. Can “green” and “luxury” be compatible, or will travelers view the two as mutually exclusive? An interesting trend to keep an eye on…
Learn more about how Boston in general is going for the green.

Looking to Stay in Boston?

February 14th, 2008

If you are bored with cookie-cutter hotel ambiance or overwhelmed by hotel room prices, Bed and Breakfast Associates Bay Colony could be of great help to you. Our personal touch gives you alternatives to hotel lodging and fits you with places that match your requirements. Since 1981, our staff has helped thousands of people in their search for Eastern MA and Boston lodging. We offer bed and breakfasts, inns, furnished apartments for nightly and monthly stays, small hotels, and home stays that provide the amenities and location you need at prices that match your budget. Visit us at
We will save you:
– Time (when weeding through a plethora of properties)
– Money (rates at our properties are typically much lower than at hotels)
– Stress (You won’t have to commit to lengthy leases at furnished apartments and we really do take care of everything!)
– Legwork (we specialize in matching guests with properties, so one phone call is all you will make!)
– Aggravation (again, we take care of everything!)
Visit us at or call 888-468-6018. It’s really that simple!

What is a Bed and Breakfast or Homestay?

June 20th, 2006

What is a Bed and Breakfast?
A bed and breakfast is a sleeping accommodation for the traveling and vacationing public located within a single dwelling which is the residence of the owner, who, most often, is the operator (or innkeeper), and may include a full or continental breakfast. Bed and breakfasts, typically offer 4-12 rooms.

A bed and breakfast homestay is a sleeping accommodation for the traveling and vacationing public located within a single dwelling which is the residence of the owner, who is also the operator (or innkeeper), and may include a full or continental breakfast. Bed and breakfasts, typically offer 1-3 rooms. Simply put, it is a home where extra bedrooms are rented out to guests.

An Inn is a larger bed and breakfast.

What is a bed and breakfast experience like?
Staying at a bed and breakfast, it is a wonderfully unique experience. Upon arrival, the guest is usually greeted by the host or hostess who will show the guest around the property. (If the host or hostess is unable to greet the guest, a note with directions and a key will be set aside for the guest.) Typically, a fully breakfast is served, but in small homestays continental breakfast foods are provided for the guests in the dining area of the home, or on a tray in the guest room. By law in Massachusetts, the home owners/bed and breakfast hosts are not able to serve a hot breakfast, as they would need a fully licensed kitchen to do so. Therefore, breakfast foods are typically made up of cold cereals, juice, coffee and toast, English muffin or assorted breads and muffins. Guests gather in the kitchen, dining area or designated common space for breakfast should they so choose.

Why not choose to stay at a bed and breakfast on your next vacation or holiday.