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Reservation Request Form - Bed and Breakfast Associates Bay Colony

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For short notice reservation requests (within 3 business days), please call us at 888-486-6018 (international: 01-617-720-0522).

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Bath Preference required
Yes, but I/we will smoke in designated areas
or outside and I/we will contain all
ashes and remnants.
I understand a fee will be imposed if smoke is
detected in non-smoking properties.required

Some properties have resident and visiting pets. And, you have specific allergies or sensitivities to food, please explain below so we can match you with suitable lodging.
Most properties in Boston do not have parking but there are nearby lots and garages.
Some Boston properties have spaces too small for larger cars.

Most properties outside Boston have free parking.
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NOTE: There is a one time $30 agency fee for your first reservation.
(The value for you is that we represent properties we regularly inspect and approve,
which eliminates the risk of scams and inappropriate accommodations and locations.)
Your credit card will not be charged until we confirm the property availability with the owner.
We will contact you if we have any other issues. Please add to your address book or
check your junk email folder for any correspondence.

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Apartment Reservation - Additional Information
If you are reserving an apartment, we may need to mail you a key.
Please post the address below (if different than your contact information).

International visitors: If there is an address in the USA where we can mail a key,

please post it below, include exact dates you will be there, and any special instructions.

If you are departing earlier than your arrival date, please tell us so that we can

mail your keys to arrive before you leave.

I/we have read the policies and procedures of Bed and Breakfast Associates Bay Colony as described on the policies and procedures page, including the specific policies that apply to Events, One-night, and Long-term cancellations. I/we understand and accept that my/our reservation dates may fall within one of these specific cancellation policies.required
  • Event Cancellation Policy (Marathon: mid April; Graduations: mid May to early June; Fall: September & October)
  • Standard Cancellation Policy (All dates except Event times)
  • No Refund Cancellation Policy (One night and some short notice)
  • Long Term Cancellation Policy (Monthly rentals)

Note: You may want to purchase Travel Guard Insurance.

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